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    Fishing with rafting on the Opala River
    Cena: 2,590 €
    ID: KAM05   Slozitost: Difficult   Delka: 50km   
    Opala River rises on the southwestern slopes of the active volcano Gorelyj and flows into the Sea of Okhotsk. Flow length is 161 km, the flow velocity of 0.5-2 m/s The river belongs to a group of relatively large rivers southwest of Kamchatka.
     Kamchatka winter tour
    Cena: 3,570 €
    ID: KAMWIN   Slozitost:   
    Kamchatka winter is over at the end of April! Snow tour to the Kamchatka. In the very centre of the Kamchatka Peninsula there is a unique reserve area “Kamchatka Switzerland” registered as a UNESCO World Nature Heritage site. A variety of recrea...
    Kurilskoye Lake
    Cena: 3,580 €
    ID: KAM10   Slozitost:   
    Everyone who plans to visit the Kamchatka Peninsula, has a secret dream - to meet on the rout Brown bear, the largest brown bear in the world. At the same time, meeting this fear as well as the desire ...