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Fishing with rafting on the Opala River
Location Kamchatka
Difficulty Difficult
Term from summer till autumn
Length 50 km
Group size 8
Duration from June till October days
Opala River rises on the southwestern slopes of the active volcano Gorelyj and flows into the Sea of Okhotsk. Flow length is 161 km, the flow velocity of 0.5-2 m/s The river belongs to a group of relatively large rivers southwest of Kamchatka. Flows away from human settlements and roads and is rich in fish and animals. Opala is known for his powerful strokes salmonids. More than 68% of the flow is located at an altitude of 200 m in the lower reaches of the river is wide and rather watery, rarely creates shoulders and usually flows in a single, slightly meandering stream between lowland tundra shores. Approximately 15 km below the confluence with the left tributary, the Savannah River, the river divides into many Opala shoulders and channels. In two places Opala River flows in the stretch of several kilometers deep mountain passes.
The water in the river is usually during the entire flow clean and clear. Opala River is one of the most important salmon river Kamchatka, where there is friction of these fish. While in her all kinds of Kamchatka salmon. From June starts pulling chinook salmon, followed by sockeye, keta salmon, pink salmon and coho salmon. Rainbow trout and brook trout, are present throughout the year. Nature was not stingy nor beasts: The River Opal lives countless bears, hares and foxes, as well as migratory birds (geese, ducks), partridge and grouse.
You will be able not only excellent fishing, but you also arises the opportunity to observe wild animals, and of course the king of Kamchatka - brown bear!
There are a lot of bears in Opala River basin. You will meet them both in the river and in the vicinity of the camp. Wizard, guiding fishermen are armed.
At all sites is prohibited:
    • Moving away from armed guide;
    • Have food debris on the shore;
    • Garbage pollute camp.
Please observe the safety regulations and act in an environmentally friendly, to avoid incidents.
Holiday types
  • Holidays with videos
  • Fishing
  • Overland tours
Fishing with rafting on the Opala River
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Fishing with rafting on the Opala River

Operation period - from June till October



Day 1.
Arrive in Yelizovo, airport of Kamchatka. Transfer to Paratunka – thermal waters resort area located not far from the city. Accommodation in the area. Overnight at a hotel with thermal open air swimming pool.
Day 2.
Bus excursion to Petropavlovsk. It is possible to visit special shops for fishing on the way. Overnight at the same hotel in Paratunka.
Day 3.
By helicopter to Opala river to the beginning of rafting. Preparation for rafting. 3 km radial walk to the springs though the stone birch forest. Natural thermal bath with sandy bottom and 40-45 C hot water. Bathing. Fishing. Dinner. Camp.
Day 4.
Rafting down 15-20 km and fishing. Observing wildlife, including brown bear, and superb scenery. Rafting takes place in the area of majestic mountains and volcanoes in virgin countryside. There are many good places for fishing. The river abounds with salmon of various kinds, char and trout. Camping for the nights.
Day 5.
Rafting down to Opala Volcano caldera (20-25 km). Left Opala river merges Middle Opala river and further on forms Opala river itself. Good fishing. Camp.
Day 6.
Rafting down to Lower Opalinskiye hot springs (15-20km). Hot springs stretch along the left river bank for 100m. Hot mineral water flows down from 6 meters high painting the slope into different colors. 3 km radial walk to the waterfalls and mineral water lake with water "boiling" with gas coming up from its bottom. Camp at the river bank.
Day 7.
Rafting across the caldera (15-20km). The river becomes wide and slow. At the edge of caldera there are rapids looking like a group of stones in the river stretching for 50m long.
Day 8.
Rafting to the river Savan and further down (25-30km). The flow becomes slower and the river forms numerous stretches. Very good fishing. Camp by the helicopter meeting site.
Day 9.
Fishing. Rest. Meeting helicopter, flight back to Petropavlovsk. Hotel in Paratunka. Thermal swimming pool.
Day 10.
Transfer to the airport. Fly home.


    • Three meals a day on the "river" of the tour;
    • Guide service (for the whole tour);
    • Cookservice;
    • Base-camp equipment (tents for 1-2 people., rafts / one for 2-3 fisherman / motoraft, mobile sauna, power, etc.);
    • Transportation (car, minibus);
    • Accommodation (DBL) in a recreation, with breakfast;
    • Charge for fishing licenses;
    • Pay for the ferry ride;
    • Visa support and registration.

Not included:

    • Air tickets to Kamchatka
    • Meal in the cafe or restaurant in town or at a recreation center
    • Sea fishing or other excursion to 9th day.

Recommended equipment:

    • tackle for fishing,
    • a bag or backpack for personal items,
    • sleeping bag,
    • waders (pants Brodnya) or waders,
    • removable shoes for camp (sneakers or boots),
    • personal care items, hair accessories,
    • waterproof jacket with hood,
    • sweater,
    • sunglasses, preferably polarized,
    • cap,
    • flashlight.
Fishing with rafting on the Opala River
VIOLA travel
+420 224 210 270
Date & Price
Term: from summer till autumn
Length: 50 km
Group size : 8
Term: from June till October days
Difficulty : Difficult
Fishing with rafting on the Opala River
VIOLA travel
+420 224 210 270

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