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Iturup Island of Kuril
Location Iturup Island (Kuril Islands)
Difficulty Difficult
Term from summer till autumn
Length 50 km
Group size 10
Duration 17 nights / 18 days
Iturup known as Etorofu-to in Japanese – is the largest of the Kuril Islands, being located in the Southern Group of islands between Kunashir (19 km to the southwest across the Ekaterina Strait) and Urup (37 km to the northeast across the Vries Strait). The island is home to Kuril'sk – the main settlement of the Kuril Islands.
In 1643, Dutch explorer Maarten Gerritsz Vries, also referred to as de Vries, made an expedition on ships "Castricum", "Breskens", discovered and mapped Iturup, Urup and Kunashir. In the mid-17th century, a long era of exploring the Kuril Islands by Russian discoverers began.
Iturup is the largest island of Kuril chain, it has high, steep banks, consists of volcanic massifs and mountain ranges. The island has 20 volcanoes, some of them are active: Baranski (1134m), Ivan the Terrible (1159m), Stokap (1634m), Atsonupuri (1205m), Berutarube (1223m), Chirip (1589m), Bogdan Khmelnitsky (1585m). Length of island is 203 km and width is within from 5 to 46 km, the area is 3200 square meters, washed by Sea of Okhotsk and the Pacific Ocean.
White Pumice Rock is a fabulously beautiful place in Iturup. It is impressive to keep in the hands large, but light piece of pumice. Black Rocks are located six kilometers from the Whites. Black Rocks have a regular rectangular structure. Here on the Peninsula Bear, is the highest Russian 140-meter waterfall Ilya Muromets. At Iturup you can see the picturesque Lion's mouth Bay, fumaroles volcano Berutarube and lake Beautiful in caldera Urbich.
The oldest archaeological finds and settlements on Iturup were Early Neolithic including Site "Yankito", discovered by the great Russian scientist Yuri Knorozov (who played a major role in deciphering Mayan hieroglyphics).
Previously mysterious Ainu people lived in the island. Toponymy region Kuril Islands have Ainu origin. The name of the island comes from Ainu エトゥオロプ (Etuworop, jp. Etorofu-to), which means "Place of the predominance of [many] capes." One of the components Ainu’s cult was "the bear festival" – iomante means "sending off", when the people sacrificed an adult bear, but when they caught a bear cub they performed a different ritual. The words of sending off for the bear god are then recited. This festivity lasts for three days and three nights to properly return the bear god to his home.
There are a rich flora and fauna at Iturup, this is amazing "bear's island", where unreal, random events took place.
November 26, 1941 the Imperial Japanese Navy, consisted of six aircraft carriers, "Akagi", "Kaga", "Soryu", "Hiryu", "Shokaku", "Zuikaku" carried 441 Mitsubishi A6M Zero a long-range fighter aircraft left Hitokappu Bay, Etorofu-to for Pearl Harbor, thus started military actions against America.
January 17, 1960 propelled barge T-36 was teared away from mooring by wind speed at 60 m/s in Hitokappu Bay. Barge without radio communication drifted caught up the Kuroshio Current. The crew of 4 people (under command junior sergeants Askhat Ziganshin) drifted with limited resourses of food and water for at least 49 days, until the U.S. aircraft carrierUSS Kearsarge CVS-33picked up them on 7 March in stormy waters 1,000 miles to the north-west of island Midway. The guys showed heroism of survival in the Pacific Ocean during winter period, and they traveled around the world, returned to Iturup crossing the Atlantic on the "Queen Mary".
July 1, 1968 American aircraft DC-8 Super 63CF (under command of Joseph D. Tosolini), was intercepted and forced to land at airport "Burevestnik", charter Flight 253A with 214 American soldiers on board followed to Vietnam. It happened in Cold War period. The runway of former Japanese airfield, was only 1200 meters, coated lend-lease metal bands.
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Iturup Island of Kuril
Iturup Island
County: Sakhalin Oblast
ID: KU18
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Iturup Island of Kuril photo-tour

Country: Russia Far East, Sakhalin Island, Iturup Island. Tour length: 18 days/17 nights. Best time for travelling: July-September



Day 1
Arrival in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Accomodation in hotel. Overnight.
Day 2
Arrival to the Kuril Bay, Iturup Island.
Accommodation at base camp near Kurils village. Excursion to "Gidrostroy" fish factory (Reidovo village) where you can see the fish processing, taste of quality seafood. A trip to the Yankito plateau. Neolithic Site of ancient human is located nearby. Neolithic Site (dated back to 7000 years ago) was excavated by Yuri Knorozov, the great Russian scientist, decrypted "The Writing of the Maya". View of lava output. Descent to Drovyanaya Bay (once there was a Japanese fanza and it is interesting foundation of stones, dehumidified masonry). Fishing is possible.
Days 3-4
Trip to September Bay with an overnight stay. Excursion to the White Cliffs. When you move to Sailing Bay, overlooking the waterfall "girlish braids". Excursion to the waterfall (you can go behind the falling water jet). Excursion to the Black Rock (located 6 km from the White Cliffs). Excursion to Ilya Muromets Waterfall (altitude 141 m), located in the northern part of island on Demon mountain. On the way to Sopochnoye Lake there is an old Japanese airfield, you can go to the preserved bunker and runway. To move to September Bay, on the Pacific Ocean side. Overnight. Excursion to the northern side of island, where you can see sea animals, resting on the cliffs (seals, bearded seals, sea otters). Here is a very beautiful and powerful waterfalls also.
Days 5-6
Trip with an overnight stay in Privolnaya Bay. Moving to the Fishermen village, loading to boat and one hour transportation to Privolnaya Bay. Tour to beautifull bay, sea fishing for redfish, flounder, halibut, perch. Catching king crab at evening. Overnight. Return to Kurilsk.
Days 7-8
Trip to Baranski volcano, overnight at the bottom of volcano. Moving to Starozavodskoe field, climbing to the top of Baranski volcano. Most of the island is visible in good weather from here. Crossing by ridge and climbing down to the fumarole field. Inspection of mud springs. Overnight near the Boiling stream. See round the stream, there are two Boiling Lake named "Blue Eyes", which are sourse for beautiful stream of sulfuric acid. Bathing in the Boiling stream, in a recreation area, called the "Waterfall".
Day 9
A trip to Hitokappu Bay, Smooth Beach. You can watch the mountains - Rebunshiri, Motonupuri, Cedar, Dobrinya and spicy Maidenly Breast mountain. Coast of Smooth Beach. Well pressed sand, inhabitants call "Kurilian asphalt." To drive at the beginning of the tide, sometimes on the water it is very afective ! Visiting Japanese coastal fortified called «Devil head». On the way to the Hitokappu Bay can be seen abandoned military tanks and airplans: embedded in the ground tanks gun, MiG-23 variable-geometry wings, once guarded the island. • Guided tour on the coast of Hitokappu Bay (November 26, 1941 Japanese armada consisted of 6 aircraft carriers: Akagi, Kaga, Soryu, Hiryu, Shokaku, Zuikaku left Hitokappu Bay, to strike a blow to Pearl Harbor, thus acting against the United States) • Swimming in the Pacific Ocean at available forecasts.
Day 10
Moving to the Kuybyshevka river. In the central part of island, on the western side, flows the largest Kuybyshevka river, interesting for fishing and rafting. The route length is about 20 km runs through places untouched by civilization. There are many convenient places for fishing, with a deep and wide pits, where spawning, the fish rests. • Visit the old Japanese cemetery • Visit the "Tankovoe" lake and the former site of Ainu.
Days 11-12
Burevestnik Mountain - Bear Mountain - Bogatir Ridge - Stokap volcano - coast of Okhotsk Sea - the Atsonupuri volcano - coast of Pacific ocean - Burevestnik, Hitokappu Bay. Pass through overgrown bamboo path near the Khvoynaya river, or just gradual ascentknee-deep in the water of Khvoynaya river, before sunset. Overnight.
Days 13-14
Climbing by washing out road, overgrown with alder to the Bear-cub mountain. Overnight. Crossing the Bogatir Ridge by foot till Stokap Mountain. Overnight. The ascent and descent on Stokap move to Okhotsk Sea coast by Cane creek, where there are two complex waterfall. Overnight.
Days 15-16
Moving to Okhotsk Sea coast to former Lesozavodskaya frontier (Dobroe Nachalo Bay). Overnight.
Days 17-18
Ascent of Atsonupuri Volcano. Descent. Overnight. Moving to the Pacific Ocean coast by the old of Japanese road to the Iodide frontier. Overnight. Moving to Burevestnik / Kurilsk.
Iturup Island of Kuril
Iturup Island
County: Sakhalin Oblast
ID: KU18
VIOLA travel
+420 224 210 270
Date & Price
Term: from summer till autumn
Length: 50 km
Group size : 10
Term: 17 nights / 18 days
Difficulty : Difficult
Iturup Island of Kuril
Iturup Island
County: Sakhalin Oblast
ID: KU18
VIOLA travel
+420 224 210 270

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