Belukha mountain and boating Altai rivers | od 1,990 €

Belukha mountain and boating Altai rivers
Location Siberia
Difficulty Easy
Term from winter till spring
Length 1,500 km
Duration 12 days
Going by the Upper Katun river, ascending alpine meadows of the Ak-Kem - Argut watershed by the wise Altai horses, we reach the Ak-kem lake - a mirror of mystical Belukha mountain.
The route is not difficult and doesn’t require any special skills. But horse riding experience is obligatory for you to feel more comfortable when riding for several hours. Hiking and trekking experience is a great advantage. There will be horsemen-supervisors to help. On some steep ascents or descents it might be necessary to dismount the horse. We travel in a remote and unpopulated area, and there are no conveniences. The weather in mountains changes spontaneously. There may be precipitation. The day temperature is +10+30, temperature at night 0 +10, sometimes -5. The route for rafting isn’t difficult, of I-II rate. The guide has the right to change the program because of the weather and the other unfavourable circumstances.
Tour operator provides the participants with 3 meals a day. In the base camps meals are at a cafe. On the trek the food is cooked on the open fire by a guide or cook. Tour operator also provides vegetarian meals.
Tour operator provides the group with tents, cooking pots, settle-bags for the luggage for horseback trekking, equipment for rafting (incl. life-vests, helmets, water-proof bags), fire outfit, first-aid kit.
You should have the following items in private use: foam sleeping mat, 3 seasons sleeping bag; shorts, T-shirt for hot weather, warm clothes (in the night it gets cold); for riding: high boots for riding (rubber boots will also do), waterproofs (should be not bright and rustling); for rafting: woollen tracksuit, footwear - special, neoprene slip-peers are ideal. Usual sneakers and woollen socks will also do. One should have two complete sets of clothes, at the minimum. One - for rafting, which is prone to get wet, the other - for the camp (there can be a shirt, jeans, a sweater, etc.).
The price includes:
    • Accommodation at base camp Vysotnik in tents days 4 and 11, at M/S Ak-Kem in 4 places big tents days 8 and 9;
    • FB (except meals in Barnaul and on the way Barnaul - Tiungur - Barnaul);
    • trekking guide;
    • communal equipment listed above;
    • horses for days 5-11;
    • all permits and the registration, visa support.
The price doesn’t include:
    • Airfare Prague - Barnaul (apply to our Air-Ticket Office);
    • transfer by bus Barnaul - Tiungur - Barnaul with English speaking attendant - EUR 110 p/per; sauna at b/c Vysotnik: 1 h - EUR 33 p/group 1-10 person;
    • sauna at M/S Ak-kem: 1 h - EUR 33 p/group 1-6 person;
    • HTL in Barnaul (from EUR 25); transfer HTL-a/p in Barnaul - EUR 13 p/p.
    • Extra-pay for: accommodation in houses in Vysotnik - from EUR 8 p/per/night
Holiday types
  • Rafting
    Belukha mountain and boating Altai rivers
    County: Altai
    ID: AL12
    VIOLA travel
    +420 224 210 270

    Altai - rafting & horseback riding to Belukha

    DATES FOR 2016: 07.07-18.07; 09.08-20.08; 17.07-28.07; 19.08-30.08; 27.07-07.08

    Day 1.
    Arrive in Barnaul. Reception at the airport. Travel by bus to Krasnoyarka village. Accommodation in tents. 750 km, 11-12 hours.
    Day 2.
    Transfer to the starting point of rafting part to the Tyuguryuk village. Start rafting down the Koksa River. The stream is fast and in two hours come to the Gromotukhinsky rapid (2 rate). In 40-50 min we moor to the Ust-Koksa village. We stay on a small island at Katun. Duration of the passages is 30 km, 4-5 hours.
    Day 3.
    In the beginning of the Uymonskaya valley the Katun forks and has many branches. Camp in the surroundings of the Multa village, excursion to the Roerich Museum in the village of Upper Uimon. Duration of the passages is 30 km, 4-5 hours.
    Day 4.
    Rafting Multa-Tiungur. The stream is very fast. There are some small rapids. Dinner in the café and overnight stop at b.c. Vysotnik in tents. Duration of the passages is 30 km, 5-6 hours.
    Day 5.
    We start our trekking on a horseback. Tiungur (850m) - the Kuzuyak pass (1513m) - the Ak-kem River (1000m) - the Oroktoy brook (1100m). The Kuzuyak pass is not difficult but it’s a test of our and horses’ endurance. Overnight stop at the Oroktoy brook. Duration of the passages is 19 km, 5-6 hours.
    Day 6.
    The Oroktoy brook - the Tukhman River (2 000 m). Overnight stop at a picturesque place. Duration of the passages is 10-14 km, 4-7 hours.
    Day 7.
    The Tukhman River - the Kulduairy Lake (2 000 m) - the Tekeliu River (1 800 m). The way to the next stop goes mainly on one altitude without gig ascents and leads us to the picturesque Kulduairy Lake. We may have a chance to see a maral (a kind of deer) or a marmot. After a plateau with some weirdly shaped rocks and stones and then a short but steep descent we reach our campsite on the banks of the Tekeliu River. Duration of the passages is 30 km, 7-8 hours.
    Day 8.
    The Tekeliu River-mountain shelter Ak-kem (1950m). After breakfast we are crossing the Tekeliu River and climbing the Sarybel pass. Coming to the Yarlu valley. Then we cross the Ak-kem River and in half an hour we reach high camp. There is a canteen, a sauna and a traditional Altaian building - ail. Duration of the passages is 15 km, 6-7 hours.
    Day 9.
    An excursion day to Seven lakes (5-7 hours hiking, altitude drop 400 m), or to the Yarlu valley.
    Day 10.
    M/S Ak-kem - the Karatiurek pass (3 060 m) - cedar forest. Climbing up the Karatiurek pass is really a serious test of endurance. The descend from the pass is steep and goes by talus, we reach stone hut and then go along the range to stop not far from the Kuelu grotto. Duration of the passages is 23 km, 6-7 hours.
    Day 11.
    Gradual descent to the Kucherla River, turn to Kuelu grotto to look at petroglyphs. Return to Vysotnik along the Kucherla river. Duration of the passages is 25 km, 5-6 hours.
    Day 12.
    Travel to Barnaul. 750 km, 10-12 hours.
    Belukha mountain and boating Altai rivers
    County: Altai
    ID: AL12
    VIOLA travel
    +420 224 210 270
    Date & Price
    Term: from winter till spring
    Length: 1,500 km
    Term: 12 days
    Difficulty : Easy
    Belukha mountain and boating Altai rivers
    County: Altai
    ID: AL12
    VIOLA travel
    +420 224 210 270

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