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Kurilskoye Lake
Location Kamchatka
Term from summer till autumn
Group size from 8
Duration 10 Days / 9 Nights days
Everyone who plans to visit the Kamchatka Peninsula, has a secret dream - to meet on the rout Brown bear, the largest brown bear in the world. At the same time, meeting this fear as well as the desire ...
If the thought of a host of Kamchatka never leave you, we offer a trip on the program, which already provides for a meeting with the Kamchatka brown bear. Moreover, you will get acquainted with his life, watch out for his fishing and within a few days spend their own photo shoot with the Kamchatka brown bear in the title role. Could it be? Yes.
All of this is possible on Kurilskoye Lake!
Kurilskoye Lake is the second largest in size sweet lake in Kamchatka but in importance and beauty it has no equal! It is located on the territory of Yuzhno-Kamchatsky wildlife reserve that is included on the list of the World’s Natural Inheritance of UNESCO. It was formed 8 thousands years ago in the result of a powerful eruption. The lake is surrounded by unique natural objects: inimitable outcrops of pumice-stone in the rivers, quite near it there is the Ilyinsky volcano of ideally right form, lava streams of which go down just into the lake and form some bays, and of course hot thermal springs. However this place attracts tourists all over the world by another reason – the largest red salmon school in Eurasia enters the lake for spawning every year!
Enormous fish shoals attract a great number of predators. The highest concentration in the world of brown bear is observed on Kurilskoye Lake. Bears do not like invasions to their property but just on Kurilskoye Lake visitors have unique opportunity to watch a master of Kamchatka at the largest spawning grounds from the safe stand-off distance during an excursion accompanied by a state inspector.
However, this is not all. During the trip, you can visit the ancient caldera Ksudach filled with lakes, relax on his «hot beach», swim in the wild hot springs, including Khodutkinskie hot springs.
Journey to the rich so much that we are warned in advance, store batteries for cameras and blank flash cards. You try to take away with more than a thousand pictures!
Holiday types
  • Holidays with videos
  • Fishing
  • Mountain hiking
  • Overland tours
Kurilskoye Lake
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Kind of traveling: Helicopter flight to The Valley of Geysers, Helicopter flight, boat-trip



Day 1.
Arrival at the airport of Elizovo town. Transfer to Paratunka village. Accommodation in a hotel. Acclimatization rest. Bathing in a swimming-pool with thermal water in the open air.
The territory of Paratunka hot geothermal springs – is a health and resort zone of Kamchatka. Several health resorts and a great number of recreation bases function nowadays. Here one has a good possibility to relax as well as to recover thanks to curative virtues of thermal water.
Day 2.
Breakfast. Check Out. Transfer to the heliport.
Flight by MI-8 helicopter to Kurilskoye Lake (1,5 hr). By the way - landing in the caldera Ksudach (1,079 m).
During the flight, you`ll see Vilyuchinsky, Mutnovsky, Burnt, Asacha and Khodutka volcanoes.
Make an excursion to the crater lake of Schtubelya (situated inside Ksudach Volcano) and visit a lovely waterfall where water cascades out of the crater. Visit hot springs that create a "hot beach" on the lake's shore (1,5 hr).
Volcano Ksudach - a monument of nature, the unique beauty of the landscape and geological objects. Ksudach - a truncated cone, the bowl with the base 18 by 22 kilometers with a depth of 600 meters. In 1907, the caldera occurred catastrophic eruption. This eruption is considered a historic event in volcanology as the most powerful on the Kamchatka Peninsula has happened in our time.
In the oval caldera size 7x9 km crater lake located Shtubel and key. At the edge of the lake is a Hot Key long beach is about 250 meters, it got its name from the outputs of the thermal springs with temperatures around 60° C.
Modern geothermal activity Ksudach manifested in the form of steam and gas output at the outputs of frozen lava. Volcano Ksudach is considered one of the most picturesque corners of the Kamchatka peninsula. This energy is very strong place!
Short flight to Kurilskoye Lake. Accommodation in a small cozy wooden lodge on Grassy Point or in the base camp (Istok river).
View Kamchatka brown bears, Stellar sea eagles, salmon spawning places. Walking excursions with local wardens to a nearby bear view platform.
Days 3-4.
Monitoring of the salmon and bears, accompanied by rangers and guides.
Lunch. Dinner. Rest.
Kurilskoye Lake – is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. The one of the largest lake - the second of the freshwater lakes of Kamchatka. Lake basin has an area of 76.2 km ² and is descended volcanic plateau length of 12,5 km and a width of 8 km, formed 8,300 - 8,400 years ago in a powerful eruption and the subsequent failure of the crust. Deep lake, average depth of 176 m, maximum 306 m.
From the lake follows a single-headed river, which connects it to the Sea of Okhotsk and nourishes life. Great spawning migration lasts from July to February and going to the lake shore a huge number of animals and birds who want to enjoy sockeye salmon: bears, Steller's sea eagles, foxes, gulls, ducks, swans and many others. When the fish comes from the sea to spawn in the river, the water boils.
Day 5.
Flight by MI-8 helicopter to stop for a bathe in the thermal hot water of the Khodutka River.
Khodutkinskiye hot springs - a natural monument, a unique geothermal facility. Sources located in the northwestern part of Khodutkinskie array on a large flat clearing surrounded by birch forests. The thermal water comes from numerous griffons and collected in a creek. At the bottom and sides of the creek, too, hit the keys, and he turns into a real hot river, up to 30 meters and a depth of five feet. The river does not freeze in winter. Here you can swim all year round. The temperature in themselves gryphon about 70° C. At the edge of the forest, the site where you would normally stop tourist groups and expeditions, the temperature sources in the summer around 40 ° C.
In the river is so pleasant to dip after a long journey, but being in the water for a long time is not recommended, the heart starts beating loudly and often, get a load. Khodutkinskiye sources contain a large amount of silicic acid and relate to treatment. They declared a natural monument of landscape and nature of the spa.
The flight to the foot of the volcano Mutnovsky. The accommodation in the camp.
The supper meal. The overnight stay in tents.
Day 6.
Radial trekking – ascent to the crater of active Mutnovsky volcano (about 10-12 hours). The path goes across vast perennial snowfields and a narrow canyon - breach in the crater of volcano. Lunch on the way.
Excursion in the crater of volcano.
Return to the base-camp. Dinner. Relax.
Mutnovsky volcano is one of the biggest volcanoes in the south of Kamchatka. It has a complex structure and a long history of development. The volcano (2,323 m.) is made up of four merged cones with top calderas. The most astonishing thing that differs the ascent on Mutnovsky volcano from other ones is that the path goes in the break inside the volcano itself! While trekking you feel as if you are in the center of the Earth, it seems, one moment and hot lava breaks out from the ground!
A majestic picture of an active crater opens to a traveler from the top of Mutnovsky volcano. Inside a deep hollow there are big hissing fumaroles, which collars are the bright yellow color builds of sulphur crystals, hot boiling mud pots, boiling small lakes and geysers. The whole this exotic is surrounded by rocks with overhanging blue glacier; everything bubbles, hisses, spits hot splashes and steams. After the latest earthquake of 2000, a huge glacier in the crater of Mutnovsky volcano partially melted, forming a crater lake of deep-turquoise color. It freezes in winter and melts late in July, stripping its surface from the shield ice.
A small river Vulcannaya, springs from the crater of volcano, streams along the lava field and falls into a deep Opasny ("Dangerous") canyon, forming a waterfall of 80 meters height. This place is awesome in its beauty! 
Day 7.
Ascent and an observational excursion of Gorely volcano (5-8 hours). Lunch on the way. Descent to the camp. Supper. Packing the camp.
Departure to Paratunka village. Accommodation at a recreation base.
Bathing in a thermal water swimming pool. Relaxation.
The body of an active Gorely volcano gives a truly breathtaking sight!
In the past, the upper part of a big ancient shield volcano lowered, forming a 13 kilometers caldera, from its bottom by chain of craters intensive eruptions started. Some craters merged with one another while these eruptions.
As a result, an unusual ridge-shaped massif of complex strata-volcano now elevates from the top of a vast caldera. On the upper part of the volcano there are 11 craters of various size and form! Besides, inside and outside the caldera more than 10 smaller side slag craters and lava cupolas appeared.
The volcano is unique in its beautiful collection of different craters on its upper part. Some of them are filled with multicolor lakes, some with snow and ice, and in crater Active fumaroles are permanently steaming!
Day 8.
Extra charged excursion to The Valley of Geysers with landing in the Caldera of Uzon volcano.
Transfer to a heliport. A two hour’s walking tour in The Valley of Geysers with landing in the Caldera of Uzon volcano (6 hours); an hour’s walking tour in Vostochny thermal field, flights around Karymsky and Maly Semyachik volcanoes. Helicopter flight to Zhupanova river, dinner in a tourist lodge.
The Valley of Geysers is a unique natural site located in The Kronotsky Reserve in a vast gorge and Geysernaya river flowing along it. All forms of geothermal activity can be found here within 6 kilometers, including active and pulsing boiling springs, hot lakes, mud pots, and small volcanoes, steam jets, hot fields, and, of course, geysers. The dimension of gryphon of the biggest geyser Velikan ("Giant") is 3 to 1.5 meters; the blast of water while eruption reaches 30 meters high. The Valley of Geysers is very picturesque, an incredible mosaics is created by multicolored clay, weird in structure and in hue geyserites structures, thermophilic algae, and profuse greenery of grasses.
Karymsky volcano is located in the central part of the Eastern volcanic belt of Kamchatka. It is a 1,536 meters height typical strato volcano with a regular cone. Nowadays it is one of the most active volcanoes in the world with 20 eruptions for the last 215 years. Now it is in process of activation of its new volcanic cycle. The latest eruption started on 2nd January 1996 and is still going on. Each 5-15 minutes it throws out gas and ash 300-1,000 meters above its crater.
Maly Semyachik volcano is in Karymsky group of volcanoes and located 15 km. to the north-east of Karymsky volcano and 20 km. to the west of The Kronotsky gulf. Currently Maly Semyachik volcano excites interest by its acid lake in the active crater of Troitsky. The lake is 500-600 m. in diameter, its maximum depth varied from 117 to 140 meters. There is a gryphon in its centre, connected with gas flow from its bottom.
The Uzon Caldera. Caldera in Spanish means "a pot". About 300,000 years ago a cone-shaped stratovolcano of 3,000 meters was on the place of the caldera. After series of great eruptions, ceased 40,000 years ago, the volcano was destroyed and soil gave under, transforming into the caldera.
More than eight thousand years ago a colossal explosion resulted in a crater about 1 km. in diameter. Sever since Uzon has never erupted. Surely, Uzon is very old, but its maturity is adorned in an unusual way. For the last thousand of years, fumaroles, solphatares (hot volcanic gas flow) and thermal springs have been changing the landscape, saturating it with a number of thermal springs. Still alive nature hasn’t given up, forming a unique symbiosis with volcanism. Being on the territory of The Kronotsky Preserve, The Uson is taken over a special protection – in 1996 it was included into the List of the World-Wide Cultural and Natural Heritage by WWF in the nomination "Volcanoes of Kamchatka". 
In the central part of the caldera there is the main thermal zone, heated by an underground and still hot magma hearth. There are more than a thousand hot springs there (which sources are able to supply a small geothermal station). Numerous lakes are supplied by springs; the biggest one is Hloridnoye, 150 m. in diameter. Mud pots and small mud volcanoes are small miracles of Uzon.
Return to the heliport.
Return to hotel. Dinner.
Day 9.
Transfer to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski. Boat-trip in Avacha Bay to Starichkov Island (approximately 6 hours). Watching marine birds, sea fishing. Lunch on the boat.
Avacha Bay is known as the biggest and one of the most beautiful bays in the world. Surrounded by hills and snow-white mountain tops it is capable to hold the world fleet!
Boat-trip is a good possibility to observe eared seals, kalans (sea otters), fur seals, and perhaps beauty killer-whales cleaving endless space of the Pacific Ocean.
A great number of birds are nesting on the island, such as red-faced cormorant, glaucous-winged gull, fulmar, tufted puffin, pigeon guillemot and many others. These islands are also the place of habitat for a rare Sea-eagle – it’s the biggest eagle in the world.
Smaller bays have their own unique outlines and rocks have their own legends. For instance at the entrance to the ocean you can take a picture of "Gates of the town" – these are three rocks, elevating above water. Also the rocks are called "Three brothers"
They say, ones brothers rose to defend Petropavlovsk and turned into stone protecting the coastline from tsunami. All this and a majestic panorama of Avacha Bay with a crown of Viluchinsky volcano top will leave in your hearth an incredible impression!
Return to the port.
An overview city excursion. A visit to a fish market.
Return to the recreation base. Bathing in an open swimming-pool with thermal water under the open sky. Rest.
Day 10.
Transfer to Elizovo. A visit to a fish market. Transfer to the airport. Departure.


The price includes:

- accommodation in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky hotel (DBL, BB);

- accommodation at a recreation base in Paratunka village (DBL, BB);

- full service in territory of Southern Kamchatka Reserve;

- service of guides;

- service of a cook;

- board en route;

- excursions according to the program;

- transfers according to the program;

- hiring group gear and equipment (tents, cooking staffs, etc.);

- insurance;

- passes and permits to natural territories.


The price doesn’t include:

- air tickets to and from Kamchatka;

- alcoholic beverages.



- comfortable clothes for a back-packing;

- tourist trekking boots with firm sole and waterproofing;

- training shoes;

- warm waterproof jacket with a hood;

- warm waterproof trousers;

- thermal underwear Power Stretch;

- warm sweater;

- woolen socks;

- casual socks;

- T-shirts;

- gloves, warm mittens;

- warm hat;

- cap or panama;

- extra underwear;

- bathing and swimming accessories;

- units of personal hygiene;

- personal first aid kit;

- sun-glasses;

- headlight and spare batteries;

- sun-protective cream and after tan cream;

- mosquitoes repellent;

- knife;

- photo and video camera;

- copies of each document a water-proof pack.


Tourists carry their personal gear by themselves.


Sea-trip in Avacha Bay (sea-cutter) is planned for the group from 20 to 40 people.

Helicopter flight to the Valley of Geysers is planned for the group of 20 people.

Kurilskoye Lake
VIOLA travel
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Date & Price
Term: from summer till autumn
Group size : from 8
Term: 10 Days / 9 Nights days
Difficulty :
Kurilskoye Lake
VIOLA travel
+420 224 210 270

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