Trans-Siberian Adventure through 3 countries | od 2,150 €

Trans-Siberian Adventure through 3 countries
Location Trans-Siberian Railway
Difficulty Easy
Term from summer till autumn
Group size 4 - 10
Duration 9 Days / 8 Nights days
Guaranteed Departure Tour from Europe by Ural Airlines and Trans Siberian just €2150 per personBased on two persons sharing twin hotel room and 2nd class 4 berth rail.
Tour Dates 2016 (tour starts on Friday, 13 days): 
09 January
23 January
13 February
27 February
13 March
27 March
10 April
24 April
15 May
29 May
12 June
26 June
10 July
24 July
07 August
21 August
04 September
18 September
02 October
16 October
06 November
20 November
04 December
18 December

The tour realized by Ural Airlines from Cologne/Prague to Ekaterinburg; transfer to Irkutsk.
Cruise on Lake Baikal; spend a night in chale at Listvyanka village.
To train by Trans Siberian Railway to Ulan-Ude, Republic of Buryatia, visit Ivolginsky Datsan the Buddhist Temple located in Buryatia, Russia, 23 km from Ulan Ude.
To train the rest of the way by Trans Siberian Railway to Mongolia; spend a night in a yurt.
Continuation of a tour in Beijing; cultural sightseeing for 3 days.
Way back: Beijing – Ekaterinburg/Moscow – Prague/Cologne by Ural Airlines.

The Trans-Siberian Railway
The world longest (9288 km) Trans-Siberian Railway stretches from Moscow to Vladivostok across almost all Eurasia through vast spaces of European Russia, Siberia and Far East. Comfortable sleeper trains cover the distance in 6-7 days but it is worth to stop off at some cities on the route. It makes the trip less tiresome and grants much more impressions. The most popular cities are Ekaterinburg, Irkutsk (with the world famous Baikal Lake nearby), Ulan-Ude. Each of them is wonderful on its own way.
The Trans-Mongolian and the Trans-Manchurian railways branch off the Trans-Siberian to the South and connect it with Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia, Harbin and Beijing in China, Pyongyang in North Korea.
It means that you may begin your Trans-Siberian on-land trip in some European country and finish it in Mongolia, China, North Korea or Japan.
We offer traveling by scheduled trains, not by private ones. Private trains are more expensive and they fasten you to their fixed itinerary. Scheduled trains grant maximal flexibility in itineraries. You may choose any city to stop off, any sight to visit.
You should only book with us the whole itinerary in advance to guarantee proper train tickets, accommodations and excursions. Some examples of our standard Trans-Siberian tours are adduced below. You may book them as they are or create your own trip with a help of our skilled managers. Please BOOK EARLY because train tickets are in deficiency in a hot season. 

Holiday types
  • Railway journeys
  • Overland tours
Trans-Siberian Adventure through 3 countries
ID: TSR2015
VIOLA travel
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 14 Days / 13 Nights
Day 1. 12/09
Ural Airlines Flight to Ekaterinburg
Ural Airlines Flight from Prague to Yekaterinburg.
U6-702 Friday Departure 18:35 Arrival 02:50 + 1
Arrival in Ekaterinburg, the major historic, economic and administrative center of the Urals Region, an area which gave a rise to Russia’s industry in the 18th century. Ekaterinburg is a natural border between Europe and Asia. The city is also known as a place of exile and execution of Russia’s last Tzar Nicholas II and his family in 1918.
Guided city tour visiting architectural monuments of Russian classicism of the 18-19th centuries, the Obelisk marking the virtual Europe-Asia border, the Temple-on-Blood Church erected in place of Ipatiev’s House where the Tsar’s family spent their last days.
Ural Airlines Flight from Ekaterinburg to Irkutsk.
U6-315 Saturday Departure 20:50
Arrival 03:15 + 1
Day 2. 13/09
Ural Airlines Flight to Irkutsk
03:15 nights - Arrival in Irkutsk.
Transfer from airport to Listvyanka village on shores of Baikal Lake (50 km)
Your overnight stay will be Listvyanka village in chalet-house.
12:30 Boat cruise (with a guide) from Listvyanka village to Bolshie Koty village (16 km). Lunch in Bolshie Koty village; walk, rest.
18:00 return by boat fom Bolshie Koty village to Listvyanka village. Accommodation in chalet-house in Listvyanka village. Rest.
2 nights accomodation at chalet-house in Listvyanka village.
Breakfast in chalet-house.
lunch / dinner = on one's own
Day 3-4.
Sunday – Monday
Sightseeing the Listvyanka village surroundings.
Museums Aquariums are part of the Baikal Lake – museum contains 20 species of fish, 9 species of goby fish, 5 species of crustaceans, 3 species of sponges and 2 species of mollusks.
The water is fed via pumps from a natural reservoir lake from a depth of 400 meters.
Furthermore, the museum to visit virtual exhibit "Dive to the bottom of Lake Baikal or bathyscaphe" as well as look into the arboretum.
The museum is located at Academic st., 1, and is open daily from 9 am to 19 pm seven days a week.
In addition to the museum is worth a visit in Listvyanka Baikal Astrophysical Observatory,
created at base of Institute of Solar-Terrestrial Physics, which employs the largest solar telescope in Russia. For visitors guided tours.
Listvyanka also have nerpinary with one of three freshwater seal species in the world and endemic to Baikal Lake.
Nerpinary is located at 101A Gorky st., and it is open for visitors every day except Monday from 11:00 to 17:00 on weekends until 18:00. Trained seals show goes in nerpinary every 45-60 minutes.
Other Listvyanka tourist attractions are St. Nicholas wooden church erected in 19th century, as well as the Circum-Baikal Railway, built during the reign of Alexander III, Circum-Baikal Railway considered one of the most beautiful in the world.
From Irkutsk to the port "Baikal" on this road supervise excursion train.
At the top of one of the coastal mountains in Listvyanka is a stone Range, where a gazebo
with a panoramic viewing platform the southern basin of Lake Baikal.
To the stone can be reached along the asphalt path length of 2,200 meters or on the lift cableway of honeydew Kamenushka.
In winter, the mountain are popular among skiers and snowboard, on the slopes of the park works "Snoulend" infrastructure which represented by 4 sloaps with a height difference of 200 m. length of the tracks varies from 200 to 1600 m.
Independent walking: sure you must taste smoked cisco and grayling on the fish market on the beach of Baikal Lake.
Day 5. 16/09
22:02 Thuesday
Train number 362.
Trans-Siberian Railway
Night in train.
22:02 departure from Irkutsk to Ulan-Ude train number 362.
16/09 - 17/09 night in train.
Departure grom Irkutsk to Ulan Ude, the capital of Buryatia, a former outpost of Russian Cossacks set up in the 17th century at the junction of the Selenga and the Uda Rivers. The settlement became a busy crossroad of trade routes between China, Mongolia, Russia and Europe. Nowadays Ulan Ude is the major regional city in Russia and prominent center of the Buddhist culture.
The program includes a visit to Ivolginsky Datsan, prominent Buddhist Monastery and centre of Buddhism in Russia.
Day 6. 17/09
06:40 Wednesday
06:40 Arrival in Ulan-Ude by train Nr 362 in Ulan-Ude, Republic of Buryatia.
Transfer to the hotel Hotel "Geser". Baggage leaves at the hotel.
Sightseeing tour center of Buddhism - Ivolginsky datsan by car with a guide.
Return to Ulan-Ude; city center excursion tour.
Your overnight stay will be in in Ulan-Ude at hotel 4*.
Train number 362.
Trans-Siberian Railway
07:24 departure from Ulan-Ude train number 362 in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

18/09 - 19/09 night in train.

Day 8. 19/09


19/09 05:40 arrival in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.
Morning arrival in Ulan Bator, the capital of Mongolia. Transfer to Terelj National Park 70 km away. At Terelj Tourist Camp time is given to set up gers and freshen up before lunch.
After lunch excursion to the beautiful Turtle Rock to be followed by a short hiking tour to the top of the Overlooking Hill to have a panoramic view on Terelj National Park. Horse riding. Disassembling and setting up a smaller Mongolian ger. Admire the sunset and bright shining night stars in the wide steppe.
Accommodation in Gers.
Transfer to Terelj National Park 70 km. By the way - stop to make a picture of a beautiful Turtle Rock, and climb the mountain to the meditation center Aryabal, with a panoramic view of the Terelj National Park.
Arrival to Ger Campus. Horse Riding. Horse riding. Disassembling and setting up a smaller Mongolian ger. Admire the sunset and bright shining night stars in the wide steppe.
Accommodation in Gers.
Transfer from yurt camp to see the statue of Genghis Khan on horseback (15 km). 
Day 8.
In the morning a visit to a nomadic family to learn the authentic lifestyle of Mongolian nomads and try traditional dairy food.
After lunch transfer to Ulan Bator. Visits to Sukhbaatar Square, Gandan Monastery, National History Museum, the Bogd Khaan Palace Museum. Climb to the Zaisan Hill to admire the Ulan Bator panorama. Small shopping tour to buy Mongolian souvenirs.
In the evening Mongolian traditional music and dance performance.
Board the INTOURIST EXPRESS to continue the voyage in destination to China, enjoy wonderful Mongolian sceneries with gers, nomads and horses passing by.
Day 9.
In the morning arrival at the Mongolian border village of Zamyn-Uud and the Chinese border town of Erlian. All passport and customs control formalities take place on board the train.
At Erlian the Russian railway gauge system ("broad gauge" 1520 mm wide) meets the China railway gauge system ("standard gauge" 1435 mm wide).Thus the train terminates at Erlian.
The connecting Chinese train will be waiting on the same platform. 
Day 10.
In the morning arrival in Beijing, the capital of China, a city of ancient history and culture, unique architectural monuments and modern dynamic life.
Full day guided city tour: Forbidden City ruled by Emperors and khans and unreachable for ordinary people, the Imperial Palace.
Accommodation in Beijing at hotel 4*.
Day 11.
In the morning excursion to the Great Wall and after lunch to the Ming Tombs.
Farewell dinner at a Beijing Duck Restaurant.
Your overnight stay will be in Beijing at hotel 4*.
Day 12.
Morning at leisure. Transfer to the airport.
Trans-Siberian Adventure through 3 countries
ID: TSR2015
VIOLA travel
+420 224 210 270
Date & Price
Term: from summer till autumn
Group size : 4 - 10
Term: 9 Days / 8 Nights days
Difficulty : Easy
Trans-Siberian Adventure through 3 countries
ID: TSR2015
VIOLA travel
+420 224 210 270

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