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    Belukha mountain and boating Altai rivers
    Cena: 1,990 €
    ID: AL12   Slozitost: Easy   Delka: 1500km   
    Altai is located in central part of the Asian continent. With travelers from the last century, caught on the division of the Russian Altai, Mongolia and the Gobi. Today, this mountainous country divided between Mongolia, Russia, Kazakhstan and China....
    Pamir Highway tour
    Cena: 2,390 €
    ID: Tj14   Slozitost:   
    Tajikistan is a country of azure sky. Highest mountains, most of the supply of Central Asian rivers, beautiful gorges, hot valleys with a subtropical climate, where the cotton fields are replaced by vineyards, apricot orchards, desert high plateaus,...
    Iturup Island of Kuril
    Cena: 4,350 €
    ID: KU18   Slozitost: Difficult   Delka: 50km   
    Iturup known as Etorofu-to in Japanese – is the largest of the Kuril Islands.